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Photonic Integrated Circuits

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The B-PHOT Photonic Integrated Circuits team has built up extensive expertise in the modeling, design and experimental demonstration of integrated photonic components made of silicon, silicon nitride, indium phosphide and also of more exotic materials such as diamond and graphene. Besides realizing different types of waveguiding and light coupling structures, we also work with lasers, amplifiers, modulators, and other active photonic devices integrated on a chip. Furthermore, to facilitate high-efficiency and robust coupling between optical fibers and photonic integrated circuits, we work on the design of mode conversion taper structures and their fabrication through two photon polymerization-based laser machining. For some applications, interfacing the photonic integrated circuit with the outside world requires free-space optics, which can also be designed and fabricated at B-PHOT.

To perform proof-of-concept demonstrations with the fabricated integrated photonic components and their coupling structures, we employ B-PHOT's state-of-the-art nanopositioning setups equipped with advanced controllers and optical analysis instruments. The application areas for the developed photonic integrated circuits range from signal processing in optical telecommunications to absorption spectroscopy of glucose and remote sensing in combination with fiber optics.

Graphene-covered photonic integrated circuits

Graphene on silicon chip
Graphene on silica chip new version
Ablated waveguides

Diamond photonic integrated circuits

Diamond chip3
Diamond grating SEM
Gao4 final
Gao5 final

Indium Phosphide photonic integrated circuits

In P PIC Thomas
2019 picture In Pchip

Mode conversion tapers for fiber-to-chip edge coupling

Linear Downtaper
Nonlinear Taper

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research research-tracks photonic-integrated-circuits